Get the creative juices flowing and create something of what you see in the scene, the mood, shape, texture, angles and so on and highlight/accentuate those aspects rather than taking a snapshot.

You may think some options may not suit the subject but give it a go. After all, this prompter is designed to make you think out of the square. You never know what you may come up with if you try hard enough.

The best shots are simple so you don't have to use the Extras option unless it really suits the subject.

There are 3 ways to use the prompter:
You can either choose each point randomly to build up a photo shoot.
Or choose a subject or any other point as the static point and choose the others to vary the photos. Eg: If you choose Fire as the main topic, you could select various combinations of lens, style, light etc to make dozens of different images of the same subject. This will give you good practice focusing on the topic of Fire as a subject in all its aspects.
Or you could choose a style, Soft eg and randomly choose different points to go with each photo. So Soft style with different subjects, focal lengths, light and so on. This will give you good practice focusing on Soft images as a style in all its aspects.

The SMART Technique